By | September 19, 2018

Sometimes, something within you needs to *click* before you get up, and start moving into making changes you want to happen in your life!

Like when a moving train keeps going in one direction and suddenly it clicks on to the side track and continues down that track, until the next turn, shift or phase presents itself. To help facilitate that clicking, so you can change tracks onto the next direction for you, just keep reading, keep thinking, keep talking, keep expanding your awareness, keep taking courses that interest you, keep travelling, keep your body fresh and alert, keep your mind and heart open to new input and experiences and acknowledge your wisdom as your inner voice guides you to- it will bring about that urge inside you to usher in a new action, a new way of looking at things or a new way of handling situations.  It will all bring about change and you can almost hear the tracks *clicking* into the right place, ensuring you a prosperous journey ahead.

Marianne Johansen

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Photo credit: David Hellmann on Unsplash.com


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