Detaching from the world

21Apr - by Marianne Johansen - 0 - In Self-development

Detach from the World to gain perspective

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or complacent about everything going on in the world,

there are ways to step back to create some space and get an overview for yourself. You can:


  • Turn off the news
  • Read only what really interests you
  • Take a mental break, meditate, light a candle
  • Turn down the volume when TV commercials come on
  • Take some time out from all the seriousness
  • Read a cartoon
  • Watch a funny or warmhearted movie
  • Call a friend
  • Get grounded- turn to music or nature
  • Allow your mind to be occupied with something positive, cleansing and soothing that you deliberately choose

We all need that positive, grounding feeling; it creates an unseen bond between us all.

The world is as complex and unclear as it has probably ever been. Be critical and selective about any information you receive.

You cannot absorb all the information around you, so do your best to be your own filter.


Marianne Johansen

(Excerpts from my book, “FINDING YOUR WAY”)

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